Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You will find answers to some niggling questions right here!

VEHICLES ACCEPTED - Every four-door car year 2002 and above.

OUR FARES - N250 base fare + N75/km + N10/minute (N250 minimum fare/NO Cancellation fee)

VEHICLE INSPECTION - To ensure driver and rider safety every car must beinspected. Please fill in your real details to book and register for a Vehicle Inspection. Booking email must match the email on created Alakowe Taxi accounts before booking.

PAYMENT INFORMATION - We collect the full fare on your behalf directly from the client if they pay by card or bank. Once we have deducted our service fee of 20% and/or WHT and VAT, we pay the balance over to you. Payment is made weekly and this clears in your bank account by the next day. Please enter your bank details via the Driver App or online This fee covers:

  • Our Software Development & Use (including App & Partner Dashboard)
  • Earnings: Collections & Weekly Payouts
  • Other Administrative costs